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  • Schematic of a drive-over biobed

    Biobeds Explained: What You Always Wanted (Need) To Know

    In the last article on Biobeds we discussed their importance as a simple and effectively environmental contamination method from pesticide point source contamination. In this article on Biobeds Explained we delve a little deeper into Biobeds to explain their differences, how they are constructed and …

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  • Biobeds for pesticide management

    Importance of Biobeds

    The use of pesticides is common throughout agriculture and horticulture to control for pests and weeds. However, despite caution with their use, pesticide point source contamination often occurs due to spills and leaks that happen while handling and mixing pesticides, or pesticide rinsate from cleaning …

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  • Plug-in Electric Tractors

    Electric Plug-In Tractors

    North America’s food system is the result of the “green revolution”; increased crop yields resulting in part from the use of fossil-fuels in the form of diesel powered machinery. This reliance on fossil-fuels means our food system is heavily dependent on non-renewable resources that are …

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  • New technology to reduce pesticide use

    How to Reduce Pesticide Use

    Pesticides are chemicals used to eliminate or control a variety of agricultural pests that can damage crops and livestock, reducing farm productivity. The most commonly used pesticides are insecticides (to kill insects) and herbicides (to kill weeds). In addition to potential risks to human health …

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  • How To Make Agriculture More Profitable

    How to Make Agriculture More Profitable

    Can a management philosophy from the Japanese car industry really make farming in North American more profitable? Yes it can, according to researchers at the Swedish Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering (JTI), who have studied how the Lean production model can successfully be introduced …

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