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What we do

Whether waste management, technology assessment, system optimization or technology due diligence, our technology-neutral position enables us to provide you with the global expertise, analysis and support needed to maximise your biomass opportunities and overcome any biomass challenges you face.



Waste Management

Effort to drive waste reduction and diversion are growing. At Hallbar Consulting we help you increase waste reduction and diversion by first undertaking a review of your current reduction and diversion practices to create benchmarks of performance. Using these benchmarks and Hallbar’s expertise and experience, we can help you to better understand your current performance and suggest cost-effective strategies and tools to improve your waste reduction and diversion efforts. Furthermore, at Hallbar we can also help you implement these waste reduction and diversion strategies and tools, identify and apply for necessary funding, undertake stakeholder engagement, and asses any impacts.



Feasibility Assessment

There are numerous technologies available today that claim to enable you to achieve your goals. At Hallbar Consulting we use our biomass expertise and experience to assess the best available technologies to maximise your biomass opportunities or overcome any biomass challenges you face. Feasibility assessments can include technology identification and comparison, feedstock assessment, market analysis, co-product development, site selection, economic feasibility, technical description, regulatory assessment, environmental performance, and life-cycle impact analysis. Furthermore, once your feasibility assessment is complete and if your project is deemed feasible, we can help you identify and undertake appropriate next steps, including scheduling and procurement, capital funding and financing, contract agreements, planning and regulatory applications, and operational support.



System Optimization

Optimization requires continual adjustments and improvements to make the most of your biomass. At Hallbar Consulting we provide you with site-specific biological, technological and operational analysis and recommendations to optimize your biomass system; from feedstock pre-treatment, handling and storage, to recipe development, process control, outputs any anything in-between. By suggesting appropriate, practical improvements and adjustments tailored to meet your specific needs and priorities, we enable you to achieve desired results from under-performing biomass systems, increase the maximum potential of performing systems, or reconfigure systems to meet new needs and priorities.


Technology Due Diligence

When investing, purchasing, financing or permitting biomass technologies, it is important to clearly understand both the risks and opportunities. Hallbar Consulting uses scientific and technical expertise combined with business planning analysis to provide thorough due diligence of any biomass technology. From evaluation of assumptions, sensitivity to changes in operating environments, assessment of payback, and environmental life-cycle performance, to lab assessment of critical components, our technology due diligence will determine if the technology will function as proposed and under what conditions it can be profitable; providing you with the confidence needed before you decide to commit.

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