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Wastewater Treatment Technology Testing

Needed wherever there are people, small-scale wastewater treatment systems can be an effective and economically practical solution to local wastewater management. Similar to large, centralised wastewater treatment systems, small-scale wastewater treatment systems are comprised of a number of components that can provide effective sewage treatment where it is needed. The ability to provide sewage treatment on-site eliminates the need for capital and maintenance intensive sewage collection infrastructure.

Wastewater Treatment Technology TestingIn Canada today, any property owner or municipality that wants to install small-scale wastewater treatment systems can choose from a number of different technologies, all of which have everything needed to provide on-site wastewater treatment. However, when choosing which technology to install, how can property owners and municipalities determine which system best meets their needs while having the least impact on the local environment?

Until now, the only way to assess the effectiveness and environmental impact of small-scale wastewater treatment system has been to rely on information provided by the manufacturer. Thankfully, this has now changed with the Swedish Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering’s (JTI) specialized in-house testing site for assessing small-scale wastewater treatment technologies.

Ideal for evaluating both proven small-scale wastewater treatment technologies and technologies still under development, JTI’s specialized in-house testing site can be adapted according to needs. For example, it can show how well technologies remove oxygen-consuming substances, phosphorus and nitrogen from wastewater; information needed by property owners and municipalities to make informed decisions. It can also be used for carrying out various other research projects, such as comparing how natural soil material and crushed material function in a filter trench.
JTI’s small-scale wastewater treatment technology testing can form the basis for product certification.

JTI has been carrying out small-scale wastewater treatment tests since 2009, building upon their already impressive expertise in the field of wastewater treatment. Thanks to this in-house expertise and knowledge, JTI is also able to offer:

  • Technology assessment to identify the best available wastewater treatment technology to meet your specific needs,
  • System optimization to achieve desired the results from your wastewater treatment technology; and
  • Technology due diligence to help you better understand the risks and opportunities of different wastewater treatment technologies.

For more information about small-scale wastewater treatment technologies, or if you have any questions regarding wastewater treatment, please contact us.

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